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Do you really need a website in 2021?

February 23, 2021, Written by 0 comment

With every digital advancement, a new debate emerges…

A topic that leaves most business owners (old and new alike) wedged between the cheese and bacon in a sandwich.

Do I invest in a website or just drive everything on my social media?

While conducting business on social media is becoming easier with new developments, bug fixes and policy changes –having a website for your business is more than just about ‘looking professional’.

The website gives your business a face, while social media merely enhances its features, like lipstick or a beard does. This ‘face’ is the first thing most clients see before making a split-second decision about buying into you and what you have to offer.

A professional, well-packaged website outlines the products or services you provide, plus it gives your clients a clear idea of what your business stands for and the story behind it. (Keep an eye out for our top tips for a cooler website).

Here’s why your business needs a website (yep, even during a pandemic):

Imagine the time, effort and money you would have to spend having to explain your business to almost everyone who calls or shows interest?
See, its way easier to refer people to your business website.

Save money
You get to make changes and updates as your business grows and you’re live 24/7, 365. The need to hire expensive web developers and designers has come to an end, with easy to order web services here.

Most web hosts offer various DIY tools and tutorials to help you with the maintenance of your website, so you do not have to rely on yet another call centre agent to forward your enquiry (we hate the waiting too, that’s why we make life easy for you by being on WhatsApp).

You’re always the boss
Social media is heavily saturated with constantly-changing trends and content that might leave your posts hanging on life support. A website allows you to tell your story the way you know how to, without the constant need to update (unless when necessary) or follow a trend. You instantly give your story credibility and a guaranteed audience.

More reach, more business
With the right domain address, your website is virtually available worldwide. With billions of people using the internet daily, you are guaranteed exposure and an increase in sales.

First impressions are forever
A website instantly improves the credibility of the story behind your business. It’s a unique and permanent platform to show off your skills, knowledge or expertise to existing and potential clients. This can be one of the ways you can use to attain a better market position and stand out from the crowd.

Practically, giving your ‘face’ a ‘facelift’, whether by updating your site or simply creating a new one from scratch, allows your business the chance to be more successful, more out there and less boxed in. Get in touch with us now and test our skills!