Search Engine Optimization

SEO, of course, is the art and science of getting your company, product, or service to show at the top of Google’s organic search engines (free results). SEO is your free gateway to more inquiries, more customers, and more sales. If you’re a seller of “industrial fans,” it means when customers search for “industrial fans,” they see your company’s product at the top of Google.

Why is SEO so valuable?

SEO is valuable because nearly everyone turns first to Google to find products, services, or companies and because SEO costs nothing. (other than knowledge, blood, sweat and tears). SEO, in short, is free advertising on Google! And there isn’t nothing better than free, is there? Well, a few things 🙂

 How the Process Works

 Customers turn to Google first to find products and services, companies and consultants. Looking at it from a small business, Google is the beginning of a chain of very valuable marketing events. Ranking on Google for free means you are getting free advertising, free advertising means free clicks from Google, free clicks from Google mean free web traffic, and free web traffic means more sales inquiries and ultimately more sales. SEO essentially turns “free advertising” into “paid sales,” which if you think about it for a moment, is an incredible return on investment!